That standerd three phase motors are available with rated output from 0.25HP / 0.18KW to 100HP / 75KW at present.

These motors have dimensions meeting IEC frame requirements and are available in foot-mounted (B3), flange mounted (B5), face-mounted (B14) and foot-cum-flange / face (B35/34)

Rugged construction and designed for satisfactory operation under wide voltage fluctuations..
Dynamically balanced pressure die-cast rotors.
Stator stacks are pre-wound and fitted in cast iron/aluminium frames.
Mounting dimensions as per IEC 72.
Varnishing done through vaccum pressure impregnation (VPI).
Connections are made by electric brazing to eleminate loose contacts.
Bearings are shrunk fit on bearing seats which are ground to close tolerance.
Motors available in foot mounted (B3), flange mounted (B5), foot-cum-flange (B35), face-mounted (B14), foot-cum-face (B34) construction.
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